Nu har Luminous-Lanscape. com sammenlignet d800/D800e. ... ison.shtml

Den tidlige konklussion:

"It doesn't take more than a glance at the above samples to see that the D800E has higher resolving power than the D800. Yes – judicious sharpening could narrow the gap, but what can be done to one can be done to the other. This is the case at 100% on screen. But, what about in prints? The D800E's resolution advantage is still visible on prints, though it's not as great as on-screen.

As for moire, I've yet to see it, but I'm sure that it's there. I just don't expect it to be any greater a problem than with other high-end cameras and MF backs without an AA filter.

The bottom line for now is that unless the moire boggyman keeps you awake at night (or you shoot fabrics for a living), the D800E will be found to produce higher resolution images than the D800 and makes a lot of sense for anyone looking for top image quality along with the highest possible resolution."

Gør ikke ligefrem D800e mindre uinteressant!
Men Goecker - Serious Imaging! ( og en enkelt eller 2 mere har monopol på salget af D800e, der pt. sælges til ca. 5600 kr. mere end D800 kan købes til i fri handel!

Men i fremtidige versioner, der måske kommer i fri handel, er no a-filter interessant.